Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL learning area concentrates on developing pupils’ abilities to communicate using a foreign language.  Lessons focus on bringing language to life, with roleplay, acting and singing taking place.

We encourage the belief that knowledge of another language can open doors for pupils in their future careers.

In years 7 and 8 pupils study Spanish, building on the basics taught in various feeder primary schools.  The key skills of speaking and listening, reading, comprehension and writing are covered through the curriculum.  Spanish and French are offered as GcSe option choices.

The MFL learning area aims to:

  • Educate pupils about other cultures in order to engender tolerance and compassion for all
  • Teach pupils the skills of perseverance, dedication and commitment whilst at the same time having some fun
  • Enable pupils to communicate with confidence in a foreign country

Useful Documents

MFL Curriculum Plan