Examination Timetables

Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable October 2022


Post-Results Information

GCSE results are released on Thursday 25th August 2022 at 9am.

Before any post-results services can be requested, all students must complete the review of marking consent form which is available from school, or by emailing exams@delasalleschool.org.uk  This confirms full understanding and acceptance that, with any clerical check, review of marking, or any subsequent appeal, grades may go down as well as up or stay the same


Please click here to see the Table of Fees. The fees are per paper/component, not per subject. It is essential that you put the subject and the exact individual paper code(s) on the form. The GCSE exam timetable will help you with the paper table.


Access to scripts to support review of marking:

This service is also only available for a short time.  Ask for this if you need to see a copy of a paper before deciding whether to lodge a 'review of marking'.  Scripts may be hard copy or electronic. Deadline is by 3pm Thursday 1st September.


Access to scripts to support learning:

Ask for this if you would like to see a copy of your original exam paper to support your learning. This service should NOT be used where a 'review of marking' is required because a copy of the script will not be back in time to meet this deadline. Deadline is by 3pm on Friday 16th September.


Clerical re-check:

The exam board will check that they:

  • Marked all the pages.
  • Counted all the marks.
  • The result matches the marks on the paper.

Deadline is by 3pm on Friday 16th September.


Review of marking:

If you request a review of marking:

  • It includes a clerical re-check.
  • A second examiner will review the paper again to identify genuine marking errors or unreasonable marking.
  • Make sure all the marks are counted.

 Deadline is by 12pm on Friday 16th September.


How to Request Post Results Services:

  • Make the required payment via bank transfer or cheque (details available once request made)
  • Once the completed consent form and payment have been received we will submit your request(s) to the appropriate examining board(s) and will send an email confirming this. We cannot process requests any further until payment is made.
  • The outcome of any reviews of marking will be communicated to you by email. Similarly, you will be advised by email when copies of any exam scripts you have requested become available and these can be collected from Reception.
  • If your overall grade improves we will issue a refund by cheque once this has been received by school from the exam board.


If you request a post-results service, please make sure you check your email regularly in case there is a query regarding your request and for the outcome. Requests made which have incomplete information will not be processed.

Please note that we cannot accept requests for post-results services from anybody other than the candidate concerned and marking review outcomes and scripts cannot be issued to anybody else without the candidate’s prior consent.

The deadline for our receipt of any enquiries is 3pm on Friday 16th September 2022.  This is in order to ensure we can meet the deadlines of awarding organisations.  We will not be able to process enquiries received after this time.

If you have any queries regarding post results services please contact the Exams Officer exams@delasalleschool.org.uk

Examinations Information

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