Our Governors

At De La Salle School, governors are responsible for ensuring that the "school runs well", as advocated by the founder St. John Baptist De La Salle. They work not only on behalf of parents, society or the Government but also, from a Lasallian perspective, as a co-operator with God in enabling each young person to learn to "live life to the full".  Governors have a crucial role to play in forming the De La Salle School community through the appointments and decisions they make, their attention to the relevance of educational provision, and their regular evaluations of all aspects of school life.


Full Governing Body

Chair: Cllr T Sims

Vice Chair: A Hodgson



Behaviour, Attitudes and Personal Development

Chair: Cllr T Sims

Vice Chair: S O'Brien

Finance and Premises

Chair: S Murray

Vice Chair: G Tyrer

Quality of Education

Chair: A Hodgson

Vice Chair: R Nunnery


Chair: A Hodgson

Vice Chair: S Murray



Current Governors: September 2022


Foundation Governors (appointed by the De La Salle Provincial):

Cllr Teresa Sims (Chair of Governors)

Anne Hodgson

Robin Nunnery

Sarah O'Brien

Greg Tyrer

Anna Houghton



Headteacher Governor:

A Rannard


Parent Governors (elected by parents):

Natalie Lynch

Claire Millen


Staff Governor (elected by staff):

Christine Greensmith


Local Authority Governor (appointed by St Helens Council):

Samantha Murray


Associate Members

Edward Hodgson

Sue Jameson


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