Mission Statement

“You can perform miracles by touching the hearts of those entrusted to your care.”


We are a Catholic community of staff, governors, students, Brothers and families enriched by our Lasallian heritage, traditions and values. Our mission is to work with all in our family community to:

  • See each person in our community as an individual with their own talents, needs, hopes, dreams and aspirations
  • Provide a holistic education that challenges each of us to achieve our potential and become the person God intended us to be: spiritually, morally, academically, physically and socially
  • Walk side by side with our students to help them grow into confident, independent, kind, respectful and tolerant adults, with a strong sense of social responsibility, ready to make a valuable contribution to the world of tomorrow
  • Create a safe and supportive environment where those of all faiths, and none, can explore, share, discuss and celebrate their spirituality


Our Values


Our Lasallian school vision prioritises education in faith and education about faith. We foster a faith perspective which helps us to build and sustain a supportive, compassionate and caring community where everyone has a place and there is a place for everyone.  Respectful relationships amongst all in our school is a key focus, and the plight of those on the margins of society locally and globally motivates the work and learning that we do.

Additionally we seek to celebrate our school as an inclusive community which supports all within it without fear or prejudice. Our school provides innovative young minds with the place and space to aspire to become best that they can be and the confidence to develop their skills and talents.

Faith in the Presence of God

The Lasallian school nurtures belief in the living presence of God in our world. Faith in the presence of God calls all students into a deeper awareness of their saving relationship with a caring and loving God and to see the world through the "eyes of faith". This core principle is reflected through this Lasallian expression of faith:

"Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God."


Concern for the Poor and Social Justice

The Lasallian school calls its members to an awareness of the poor and victims of injustice and responds to their needs through programs of community service, advocacy, and justice education. This core principle is expressed through the Lasallian ideal:

"Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve."


 Respect for All Persons

The Lasallian school engages in a concerted effort to respect the dignity of all persons. Respect-filled relationships are at the heart of Lasallian education and are a key expression of the acknowledgement of each other’s identity as children of God. This core principle is reflected through the Lasallian expression of faith:

"Live Jesus in our hearts...Forever."


Quality Education

The Lasallian school provides an education that prepares students not only for college and career but also for life. This education advances the students’ abilities to use their talents to critically examine the world in light of the message of the Gospels and to take greater responsibility for their own education. This core principle is expressed through the Lasallian ideal:

"Teaching Minds and Touching Hearts."


Inclusive Community

The Lasallian school is a united community where diversity is respected, where no one is left out, and where everyone finds a place. Individuals within the school community recognise and accept another's strengths and limitations. This core principle is expressed through the Lasallian ideal:

"The Lasallian Family."