Visit by Brother Chris Patino


 We were humbled and delighted as a school community to welcome Brother Chris Patino from the District of San Francisco and New Orleans along with Joseph Gilson, Director for Mission for our District, in early November. The purpose of the visit was to look at how we, as a Lasallian community, foster a culture of vocations for both staff and students.


Fostering a culture of vocation in school means that we are committed to making individuals aware of their own gifts and talents and offering the invitation to put these gifts to use at the service of others. Through discussions with both staff and students we could recognise the many ways in which we contributed to this development through the relationships we build with young people, our individualised pastoral care, collective worship, leadership roles, peer mentoring and so much more. As a Lasallian school, alongside academic progression, we appreciate the importance of nurturing a child’s spiritual development, providing them with the tools to know who they are and how they can use this self-awareness to be of service in society, living fruitful and purposeful lives.


 Brother Chris engaged our student leadership group, 1719 Society, in discussions around what they feel passionate about, why they wanted to serve in the Society and how different generations can learn from one another, working together to ensure a collaborative and inclusive community.