As a school we would like to show our unity in the face of those who seek to divide us.


As a community we gathered together to take a moment of reflection and remembrance to honour and place at the front of our hearts and minds all those who were affected by the tragic Manchester attacks. We remembered all those people who witnessed the attack, those who were injured and those 22 souls who very sadly lost their lives that day.


To grasp, understand or contemplate what has happened in Manchester and indeed London over these past couple of weeks is something incredibly hard. But the strength and solidarity of the whole nation coming together to help each other in any way possible; is a real sign of hope, compassion and love. As together we are stronger and together we can move forward. For in unity there is strength and through love we cast out hate.

We marked our sign of love with a moments silence for those 22 souls and prayed that they are and forever will be eternally at rest. As with lifted our love for those 22 individuals and indeed our world we released the balloons.