RE and History Travel To Poland


The trip took place over 4 days starting with a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau on day two. Whilst there, our students were extremely respectful and overcome many times with powerful emotions as they listened to the horrendous atrocities that people would experience in the camps.

On the morning of our third day our students walked to the Galicia Museum where we heard a brave testimony from a Holocaust survivor followed by a guided tour of museum. In the afternoon the students took part in a guided tour of Kazimierz (the Jewish District) and were able to see the exterior of the Schindler Factory.



On our final day we visited The Wieliczka Salt Mine which spans a whopping 287 kilometres of tunnels and caverns in all, winding and weaving beneath the surface of Lesser Poland. The startling length of the passageways is the product of more than 700 years of continuous expansion and construction, going from the days of the early Polish kings to the dark years of Nazi occupation. After descending 64 metres down to the first set of chambers, sampling salt rock, drinking salt water and visiting the lake, the students were able to see the Salt Mine’s pièce de resistance reveals itself: Saint Kinga’s Chapel. This colossal underground cathedral rarely fails to take the breath away, and includes everything from rock-cut chandeliers to replicas of Da Vinci’s famous Last Supper, all whittled straight into the salt walls.



We had an amazing time away together. We were so proud of how our students conducted themselves, being so respectful and displaying such maturity in all aspects of our trip. Although the trip was extremely emotionally challenging at times, we also had opportunities to laugh together, especially during out free time in Krakow town and especially on the tram.

Once again, I would like to thank the staff who helped support his trip – Mr. Cummings, Miss E O’Connor, Mrs Clague, Mr Fletcher by giving up their time and also thank you to Mrs. Kenneally, Ms Warburton and Mrs Billing for all their support organising the trip and the fundraising.