National Dwarf Games Birmingham 2018

On May 5th I went to Birmingham to compete in the National Dwarf Games. 

My first event was the 60m sprint where I was lucky enough to win a silver medal. In my second event, the 40m sprint, I won a gold medal. I also competed in several throwing events on the same day, these were; shot put – won a silver medal, discus- won a gold medal.

On the second day consisted of team sports. I competed in the hockey, which was a bit of a challenge because I hadn’t really played before, other than in school. In our first game we won   2-1, which put us through to the final. The final game was really intense and went to sudden death, then penalties. After lots of penalties we ended up winning and were presented with a gold medal.

The last day of the games was the swimming competition. My first event was 50m backstroke, in which I won my first bronze medal. In the 100m freestyle, the 100m breaststroke and 50m freestyle I won three silver medals.

Overall I had a fantastic weekend competing in the games; winning a total of 9 medals.