World Cup Action!

The students had the experience of watching the game in our school to take advantage of an earlier kick off time. This was done by being with our school houses (Campion, West Park, Notre Dame, Mount Carmel) to boost team spirit and support.

During the game, the 1719 society took the opportunity to raise money towards our schools food bank, to help those who are struggling in our community, which is something as form we have been asked to complete. This gave the students a chance to raise money towards a good cause and a 1719 would like to give a big thank you to the staff who helped make that possible.

Before the game, during form time as a part of collective worship, the students were educated on the difference between our laws and ones in  Qatar, to create awareness and give an understanding with a moment to reflect for those who have been effected. Football has a huge platform and so by doing this, it is taking advantage of it in the best way to show our pupils the things we sometimes take for granted.