1719 Society trip to Rome

Recently, the schools newly established 1719 Society underwent a three-day learning experience in Rome. It was important that we journeyed over 1000 miles to Rome as it is the heart of our Lasallian community. Also, it meant that we were able to spend some quality, well-needed time discussing ideas, planning long term goals for our individual strands (Leadership, Communications, Extra – Curricular, Student Support and Chaplaincy) and also as a whole society , in order to operate successfully as a team.



During our stay at Villa Maria Casa Per Ferie, we attended numerous sessions lead by specialised members of our own De La Salle staff, as we explored what being accepted into the 1719 society really meant and the type of leaders that we are, as well as the kind of leaders that we strive to become. We even took the time to express our beliefs on the on-going current circumstances of the LGBTQ+ community. We then went on to seize the opportunity of meeting up with our own Chaplain (Sian Thomas), who lead a very informative session alongside Nora Munaretto, who as the Chair of Young Lasallian committee gave an international perspective of the matters discussed.




Even though the main objective of our trip was shaping our Senior Leadership team in a meaningful location, slightly out of our comfort zones, we were also able to do some general sightseeing, such as: a tour of the Lasallian Generalate (lead by brother Bob), the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and St Peters.

Overall, the 1719 trip to Rome has not only allowed us to develop our leadership skills individually but collectively too. Furthermore, enabling us to progress towards becoming the successful, strong, able leaders that we desire to be and as a society hopefully we will be able to achieve many positive outcomes and leave our own legacy.