Year 11


Outcome: All students must have a positive post-16 destination

Outcome: All students must leave with a CV


Dream Big - CEIAG assembly (timeline for year 11 re: post-16 plans)

Pupils access Career Connect Portal

Your Future Event

Assemblies – Carmel College, St. Helens College, Cronton College, Riverside College, National Citizenship Service, apprenticeships

Aspire2B Talks – armed forces, Winstanley College, Rainhill and Cowley Sixth Form


PSHCE (Sept-Oct)

Understanding the college application process and plans beyond school

CV and FE/college application

Careers – year 11 parents’ evening

Mock Interviews – practice interviews from prospective colleges and employers

Learning and revision skills to maximise potential

CEIAG one-to-one meetings and small group sessions

Careers Connect: Break and lunchtime drop-ins

National Careers Week – workshops, assemblies etc.

CEIAG one-to-one meetings and small group sessions

Career Connect: break and lunchtime drop-ins