Year 10

Aim: Students gain employability skills & explore the world of work through Work Experience/

Students start to consider LMI to inform post 16 career planning.


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


Year 10 – Consolidating


Outcome: Students understand what LMI us and how this may inform their post 16/future planning.


Outcome: Students can make informed choices about subjects they are interested in studying further. They know how/where to access information, following on from their CEIAG sessions with independent advisor.




CEIAG Assembly

Your Future Event

Aspire 2B Career      


Career Connect: Break and lunchtime drop in sessions

Oct – BBC Bitesize Careers Tour



Year 10 parents evening; Include post 16 provider’s e.g. St Helens College, Carmel College. Careers Connect

Aspire 2B Career      


What Career Live/What University Live (Liverpool Exhibition Centre) information to parents

National apprenticeship Week – employer talks and presentation

Science / Technology / Music

Healthcare Science Skills Show - March

Knowsley College in partnership with STH and Knowsley NHS

National Careers Week – workshops, assemblies etc.

Medical Mavericks Positively You.  

Career Connect: Break and lunchtime drop in sessions

ASDAN Virtual Work Experience

World of Work  Assembly/Launch


PSHCE (April-May)

Skills for employment, LMI and Post 16 exploration

CV writing session/workshop delivered by external provider.

College taster days/visits – across subject areas


St.Helens College



St.Helens Chamber

Bespoke post 16 provider visits

CEIAG group work sessions with independent advisor.

Career Connect: CEIAG sessions with independent advisor prioritized one-to-one interventions.

Career Connect: Break and lunchtime drop in sessions

World of Work Challenge


Careers within the curriculum

 Information, events, guest speakers, trips linked to subject areas.

Careers Newsletter

Opportunities and information shared/discussed weekly during form time.