Year 10


Outcome: Equip students with the necessary skills for employment and career progression

Outcome: All students to complete a CV


CEIAG assembly

Your Future Event

Prestigious Universities at Cronton Sixth Form College

Pupils access Career Connect Portal

Careers – year 10 parents’ evening, including post-16 providers e.g. St Helens College, Carmel College

Aspire2B Talks – armed forces, Winstanley College, David Campbell Soccer, LTSB etc.

What Career Live/What University Live (Liverpool Exhibition Centre)

Career Connect: prioritized one-to-one interventions and small group sessions

National Careers – workshops, assemblies etc.

PSHCE (April-May)

Skills for employment and career progression

Work on CV writing and job applications/letter of application

Virtual work experience and reflection (Barclays Life Skills)

College taster days/visits; Carmel, St Helens, Cronton, Riverside

Bespoke post-16 provider visits for students requiring additional support

Career Connect: break and lunchtime drop in sessions

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Volunteering