Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy

Hello, I am Joe Chadwick and I am this year’s head boy at De La Salle. Being chosen as head boy came as a shock to me, but it is a role I am delighted to have landed. Since starting De La Salle in 2013 I have grown so much as a person; our school has given me lots of opportunities which has led to gaining so many new friends, and memories that will last a lifetime.

During my time here at De La Salle I have seen both my academic and social skills flourish. When I started this school I was lacking in confidence and was quite apprehensive of what was to come, but De La Salle has made me feel welcome and has allowed me to mature throughout my time here.

I am going to embrace every opportunity that the role of head boy gives to me throughout this next year and I look forward to representing our school.

During this year I will be studying hard to achieve the grades I wish to get in my GCSE’s which will allow me to do what I want in the future; and I believe that with the support of the staff and friends at De La Salle this will be possible.

Head Girl

Hello, my name is Lauren Slater and it is an honour to say I have been selected to be head girl this year. I wish to grasp onto this responsibility with ambition and enthusiasm and enjoy every minute of doing so. Firstly I would like to begin with how thankful I am to be given this role as the competition was never going to be easy, I aspire to show great passion as this opportunity means a great deal to me. I feel De La Salle has not only introduced me to some amazing people but it has provided me as an individual with skills that will support me throughout my life. Before I came to this school I struggled to express myself, I lacked in self esteem and confidence however within the years I've been to this school I have overcome some of my biggest fears. Never before had I been able to stand in front of hundreds of pupils or adults and talk with confidence and ease.

This is my final year and I honestly can't believe how fast my time here at de la Salle is going.  Nevertheless I hope this year will bring just as much joy as every other has so far. I will do my very best to reach the high standards of head girl that has been displayed in the past years. With the support of my teachers I am hopeful to receive grades that will set the path to where I want to be in my future.