Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy

Hello, my name is Joe Dennett and I am this year’s Head Boy at De La Salle. Being chosen to be Head Boy came as a shock but I am very thankful to have been picked for the role and I can’t wait to get started.

Being able to lead the 1719 society, which is the new school leadership group is a great responsibility and a pleasure to help lead. Working with the society I hope to help make the school a better place where everyone can enjoy it.

Since joining the school 5 years ago, it has given me lots of opportunities that I could enjoy. De La Salle made me feel welcome and allowed me to grow as a person throughout my time here. I never knew I would be able to stand in front of hundreds of pupils or adults and talk with confidence and ease.

My time at De La Salle has gone very quickly and I hope my last year brings that same enjoyment as all the other ones before. I will do my best to reach the standards of Head Boy that has been displayed in the past years. With the support from my teachers I hope I will reach the grades that will help me in the future. I look forward to being a role model for our school which has introduced lots of great people and given me great memories to cherish.

Head Girl

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Thompson and I am so proud to have been chosen as head girl this year. I can’t wait begin carrying out the responsibilities and opportunities the role will provide.

It is a privilege to be given to task of co-leading the school’s new student leadership team, The 1719 Society. I hope to make the school a better place for both students and staff, where everybody is able to reach their full potential.

I have always been very ambitious. Since joining De La Salle 4 years ago, the school has provided me with countless opportunities to express myself and not only flourish academically but as an individual. The confidence I have gained has allowed me to exceed my own aspirations and aim even higher.

During my final year at school, I will be working very hard to achieve the best possible GCSE grades that will give me the best possible start to my future. I look forward to representing my school, which had introduced me to the most amazing people and given me memories to last a lifetime.