Science with Health and Social Care

The science with health and social care learning area makes a major contribution to the practical skills and intellectual abilities of pupils at De La Salle.  Science encourages pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of scientific principles and apply these to new contexts.

In years 7 and 8, pupils study a range of national curriculum topics to learn essential scientific skills through a combination of practical and theoretical lessons.  At GCSE level pupils can study core and additional science, (achieving 2 GCSEs) or biology, chemistry and physics (achieving 3 GCSEs).

The skills and values that pupils will develop through their studies include:

  • Using and manipulating equipment correctly and safely
  • Planning, observing, analysing and evaluating
  • Applying ICT skills in a scientific context
  • Developing a reasoned argument based on scientific facts
  • Applying knowledge to real-life situations

Useful Documents

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