English with Drama

The curriculum in English focuses on developing the critical skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening through the study of Shakespeare and Dickens, poetry and media and the use of language in society.

This is complemented in drama, where pupils develop their performance skills and devise their own work.  In both English and drama, we seek to nurture creativity and imagination and to encourage pupils to be clear and precise in their use of language in a variety of different contexts.

English and drama are taught as discrete subjects, with drama offered as a GCSE option choice.

The English with drama learning area at De La Salle aims to:

  • Enable all pupils to realise their potential
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the enjoyment of literature
  • Make pupils curious about the English language and accomplished in speaking and listening, reading and writing
  • Offer a stimulating environment
  • Allow students every opportunity to explore learning through extracurricular activities

Useful Documents

English Curriculum Plan


Half Term Plans

English Half Term 5

English Half Term 6