Flightpaths: Assessment and Reporting at De La Salle

Assessment continues to be at the heart of teaching and learning at our school. It is essential that for all of our pupils, assessment is fair, honest, ambitious and appropriate.

From September 2016 National Curriculum Levels have been abolished. Schools are no longer expected to report the ‘level’ of a child but rather how much progress they are making towards achieving well at GCSE.  It is important that as a school, and as parents, we all view your child’s progress at school as a journey towards GCSE success. 

Using your child’s primary school test scores in English and mathematics we have calculated an average grade that your child should achieve across all of their subjects by the end of year 11.  We are calling this a ‘flightpath’.  This is a line of expected progress that a pupil will find themselves on from year 7 until the end of year 11.

There are 8 flightpaths which lead to a target GCSE grade that is carefully matched to your child’s ability and prior attainment combined with our knowledge of what they can do. These flightpaths are named after inspirational figures such as Pasteur, Mandela, Parks, Wilberforce, Nightingale, Edison, Shakespeare and Pankhurst.


Useful Documents

Year 7 to 9 Information

Year 7 to 9 Flightpaths: Information for Parents


Year 10 to Year 11 Information

Year 10 to Year 11: Information for Parents