Celebrate Young Carers Awareness Day

Thursday 26th January 2017

How can you & your school help Young Carers in St Helens?

A group of you could come together and do the following:

Host a cake sale in school

Sell raffle tickets /how many sweets in a jar

Sponsored walk/run

Bring and Buy

Bag packing at your local supermarket

School Disco/event

Name the Young Carer Teddy for £1 a go


All money raised will help your local Young Carers Centre

If you would like to get involved and raise money for your local Young Carers Centre, please contact the Centre on 01744 677279 and ask for Ann-marie Leather (Young Carer School Involvement Officer).

(St Helens Young Carers Centre is an independent Charity that currently supports

over 550 Young Carers in St Helens)


How many Young Carers are there?

There are about 700,000 Young Carers in the UK (BBC 2010). However, there are many Young Carers who remain hidden

That’s about 1 in 12 secondary aged pupils.

There are likely to be young carers in every school and college.

There is anticipated to be over 2,500 Young Carers in St Helens (Scrutiny Report, 2013)



Additional support available. Word Doc 

Additional support available. PDF